Current Classes

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2019-2020 school-year classes


Parents of new students, please register your student in our system prior to enrollment to speed up the process.

Parents of current students, please check your child(ren's) and billing information on your account in our parent portal to make sure it is all accurate and current. 

Phone enrollment for fall can be completed by calling (405) 321-9600 or by stopping by the Sooner Theatre during normal business hours, Tuesday-Friday, 10 am - 5 pm.

Class Requirements:

ALL Musical Theatre, Production, Technique, Tap & Hip Hop classes participate in the Sooner Theatre Showcase, which will be May 1-3, 2020. PLEASE PUT THESE DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW. We will have additional rehearsals for those classes in the two weeks leading up to Showcase and it is very important that your student be able to attend when his/her class is called for those rehearsals. There is a $45 Showcase production fee for Musical Theatre, Technique, Tap & Hip Hop classes.

ALL production classes (PeeWee, JR and SR production) have a $75 production fee. PeeWee and JR production will continue to meet after the production dates of those shows to prepare for Showcase. SR Production will no longer meet following the show, however for High School students with approval and paid tuition, it will be replaced by ENSEMBLE for Showcase and will have additional rehearsals.

To enroll in a production class, students must also enroll in a qualifying technique class, which includes technique, tap or hip hop. Ambassador Performance Troupes (Broadway Kids, Show Troupe and Ensemble) also qualify as a technique class for production classes.

Enrollment in an Ambassador Performance Troupe is by audition or director approval only. If your performer is interested, please talk to us about it during the enrollment process!

ALL Acting classes have a $45 materials fee for scripts and other class materials. Acting classes have an end-of-year performance sometime the week of May 4-9, 2020 in The Studio of The Sooner Theatre Event Center.

MAGIC classes include an $80 fee per SEMESTER for the magic kits students get to keep!

All production classees, musial theatre and acting classes require a binder, pencil and highlighter.

All tap classes require black lace-up tap shoes

Technique classes require tan jazz shoes for girls and black jazz shoes for boys

Hip-Hop class requires a non-marking smooth-soled sneaker (we highly recommend a purchasing shoes that are designated as ONLY for class, and not also for street wear.)

Production classes all require performers to provide their own "underdress" garments.

  • For girls, this is a skin-tone cami leotard or cami and booty shorts, dance tights (color varies based on show), as well as tan jazz shoes (Please note that depending on the show and the role your performer has, shoe needs can change. ALWAYS ask before you purchase new dance shoes for a show.)
  • For boys, "underdress" means a black or white form fitting t-shirt or tank top and form-fitting shorts to wear under costumes. Boys will typically need black jazz shoes. (Please note that depending on the show and the role your performer has, shoe needs can change. ALWAYS ask before you purchase new dance shoes for a show.)