Summer Tuition Payment Options, Discounts and Scholarships

Families who enroll siblings or sign up for more than one class will receive a 10% discount. Sibling/multiples discounts can only be applied at time of enrollment. This discount does not apply to individual classes added at a later time. Discounts cannot be combined. If you qualify for more than one discount, only the greatest discount will be applied to your tuition. A LIMITED NUMBER OF NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE. PLEASE CALL 321-9600 FOR DETAILS.

Deposits, Fees and Tuition

Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis and deposits are required to reserve a spot in a class. An non-refundable enrollment fee of $10 per student and a $50 non-refundable deposit for each summer camp ($100 per performer for production camp) will be assessed at the time of enrollment. A $100 deposit must be paid for each summer production camp. Deposits and enrollment fees must be paid at the time of enrollment.

Payment in full for classes is due on the first day of camp. 

Invoices are not sent. Invoices will only be sent in instances where an account is 30 days or more overdue. A 10% late fee will be assessed on all outstanding balances after the 10th of each month.

Although we do not anticipate any changes at this time, our class schedule is subject to change. Please note: if for any reason an instructor is not available for a particular session or becomes unable to complete the session, The Studio of The Sooner Theatre will find an equally qualified replacement and the class will continue as planned (in most cases). Parents will be notified of any permanent instructor changes. Age guidelines are flexible and can be modified by the director only, on a case-by case basis. 


Attendance is the key to any successful learning experience. Because many of our classes are working in an ensemble setting, please make every effort to attend each class. If you cannot make it on a particular day, please call The Studio at (310-2129) in advance so the appropriate instructor can be notified. In case of inclement weather during the summer months, The Studio of The Sooner Theatre will post Studio closings on the web site at www.soonertheatre.org. Tuition will still be required for missed classes – we cannot provide refunds or tuition reductions based on missed classes. If possible, missed classes may be made up in a comparable class approved by the instructor.


The vast majority of communication for all classes comes in the form of emails from The Sooner Theatre. Please make sure the email we have on file for you is the one you have the most access to and check the most often. If you would like to add additional email addresses, please reply to the email we send with those additional addresses. Our system only lets us pull the primary email contact for each student. 

Our staff is incredible about trying to be accessible to you via email, phone and text, but we do ask that you honor their time by contacting them during business or camp hours only via their cell phones, unless there is an emergency. You can always contact the theatre or studio during business hours on our regular phone lines and we will be happy to assist you! We are a small but mighty staff, so if we don’t answer immediately, please just leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

Studio Sign-In/Sign-Out

The safety of your children is our primary concern! For this reason, we require that all elementary school aged children be accompanied into The Studio by a responsible adult. The adult is required to provide their signature on a sign-in sheet at the front desk at that time. An adult will also be required to come inside The Studio when picking up a child after class to sign the child out and accompany them to the car. 

Closed classes/rehearsals

As tempting as it is to peek in on your child’s class, we ask that parents, guardians and siblings not enter classrooms or watch through open doors during classes. It is important that students and instructors have the ability to focus on what they are doing and class visitors can be a distraction. 

Student Responsibilities

Please arrive dressed for class and ready to go at least five minutes before your class begins.

Remember to bring any items required by your instructor: sheet music, scripts, pencils, binders, extra paper, props, etc. Failure to do so slows down the whole class — your friends and your instructor are counting on you to bring your stuff! 

Respect and kindness are an important part of the culture at The Sooner Theatre and The Studio of The Sooner Theatre. Please treat instructors, staff, students, parents, volunteers and anyone else affiliated with the theatre and/or the studio in a kind and respectful manner. The same courtesy will be extended to you. 

You are responsible for anything you bring to The Studio so please make sure you leave with everything that you brought. Items that are left behind will be kept for 30 days and then will be given to charity, which occasionally includes The Sooner Theatre costume dept.

To keep our dancers healthy, no one will be allowed to participate in dance classes without proper warm up. If you arrive late to a movement class, you will be required to warm up individually before joining the class.

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful Studio space on Main Street — a very busy street during all hours of the day. For your safety, you are required to stay inside The Studio while you are waiting for your ride to pick you up. Remember, during the winter months many of our classes will conclude when it is already dark outside so you’re much better off staying inside where it’s warm and light.

While waiting inside The Studio either before or after a class, remember that other classes are going on so please talk softly or find a quiet activity to keep you busy until your ride shows up.

To Enroll by phone or in person:
The Sooner Theatre
101 E. Main Street * Downtown Norman
(405) 321-9600
Tues-Fri, 10am-Noon and 2-5pm

Camps (with the exception of SummerStage and Young Producers production camps) are held at:

The Studio of The Sooner Theatre
110 E. Main St * Downtown Norman
(405) 310-2129 (phones answered during class times only)