Thank you for choosing the Sooner Theatre as the site for your event. Please read all of these policies completely. Please call the office manager, Melissa Spears at (405) 321-9600 if you have any questions.


These are regulations that must be followed for preservation and upkeep of the stage and technical areas.

1) Do not place masking tape or duct tape to mark the stage. You may only use gaff tape, masking tape, spike tape or glow tape. You or your organization must supply these items or they may be purchased thought the theatre.

2) Please do not touch the electrical box located on the stage. Please do not enter the fly rail area unless properly trained. These areas are off limits to all renters unless accompanied by or checked through a Sooner Theatre employee. 

3) Please leave the premises as it was when you entered. This means that any props, tools, ladders, etc used or brought into the theatre must be taken from the theatre or returned to their correct spot. Return the sound and light consoles to the positions they were when you entered. This means un-patching and re-patching the soundboard and retuning the EQ’s to their positions. Please pick up and remove all trash from the building. Your $100 cleaning fee covers vacuuming, mopping, and bathrooms after your rental. If you have more than one performance on a day or in the course of your rental, it is your responsibility to clean the theatre in-between, unless you have hired a cleaning crew through The Sooner Theatre for an extra fee.

4) Do not place liquid items or food  near or on the light and soundboards. 

5) Please turn all electrical equipment that you use to the off position. This includes the Communication system, Light and Sound Boards, Dressing room Lights, and the Auditorium Lights. If you do not know how to turn something off, the theatre assistant will be able to help you.

6) Please do not move any steps, sub-speakers, or guard rails that are located in the theatre. 

7) Please do not adjust the thermostats. Consult your theatre assistant if there is a temperature problem.

8) Please do not leave the west stage door, garage door, or upstage door propped open during a show. 

9) All promotional items that include The Sooner Theatre logo or location information must be approved by The Sooner Theatre Marketing Director before any promotional materials are dispersed. The Sooner Theatre is not responsible for marketing or promotion of rental events at the theatre and will not distribute information to our patrons, post information on our Web site or otherwise promote the event for the renter.

10) The hanging marquee on the front of the building is for advertising productions and events of The Sooner Theatre and its partners and affiliates. This marquee cannot be rented or acquired by individual renters of The Sooner Theatre.

11) If the use of the stage fly system is part of the rental needs you must have a certified rigger on hand to operate or supervise the light hang and focus. If a technical assistant is needed to perform a light hang and focus or perform any rigging or design concepts there will be an additional charge.

12) Nothing (including promotional items, merchandising items, posters, etc) may be attached to the wood or plaster walls of this theatre. If this occurs there will be a damage fee.

Helpful Information:

Fire or Ambulance: 911
Other Emergencies: Melissa Spears, House Manager 405-240-3302                                                                      Jennifer Baker, Executive Director 405-850-0917

If a tornado siren sounds, keep the audience in the main part of the building, away from windows. If the size of your group permits (100 or fewer) move the audience to the dressing rooms beneath the stage.

A first aid kit is located in the box office in the main lobby. There is also a first aid kit located on the small table, backstage right. Ice is available from the freezer in the dressing room. The Sooner Theatre assumes neither responsibility nor liability for the administration of drugs or medical attention by non-qualified personnel.

Please DO NOT take items from the Sooner Theatre offices or desks. The offices are not included as a part of your rental spaces and are OFF LIMITS to all renters. The copy machine, computers, and printers are NOT for public use. If you are operating a box office for your show, please make arrangements for your own change, tickets, receipts and deposit envelopes.

The concession area is OFF LIMITS unless included in your rental. Please DO NOT remove anything from the concessions area.

Extra supplies (trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) are stored in the janitor closet at the southeast corner of the auditorium. Vacuums, brooms and mops are also located in this closet. We ask only you pick up after yourself, bag your trash and leave it in appropriate containers provided in the theatre, and take out what you brought into the theatre. We will not be responsible for items left in the building following your event. If you need to take trash out, the dumpster is located out the back of the theatre and down the alley to the right.

A representative from your organization/party should be in the theatre lobby at all times. Be sure all doors to the outside are securely closed before you leave. Security can be hired for your event. Contact Melissa Spears, House Manager, for assistance with hiring security at 405-321-9600.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If you have any questions about the policies please reach out to our House Manager, Melissa Spears. We look forward to working with you on your event.


General Terms

1. Lessee will only use the area assigned to his/her/its group. Other areas within the Studio will not be accessed or used.

2. Lessee shall observe his/her/it’s time schedule for setup and the Event according to this Agreement to ensure that no other scheduled event is interfered with.

3. No equipment or other property belonging to the Studio is to be removed from the Studio.

4. Smoking and use of e-cigarettes is prohibited inside the Studio. The only authorized smoking area is outside the main entrance.

5. All events conducted at the Studio are subject to the applicable ordinances of the City of Norman, including the noise ordinance. Lessee shall be responsible for event compliance. If Lessee is concerned about the noise ordinance, Manager should be consulted in advance of the Event date to review and discuss options.

7. A violation of any of the provisions described under "General Terms," any posted notices within the Studio, or any changes or additions to the above terms disclosed to the Studio incurred prior to the Event may, at the sole discretion of the Studio, result in loss of the Damage Deposit.

Set-Up Terms

Due to safety concerns, only one (1) table is allowed in the foyer for purposes such as registration, guest books, gifts, etc. This table will be placed in the foyer by Manager, in a location to comply with fire and life safety code requirements. This table is not to be relocated.

Lessee should advise Manager, via phone (405.321-9600) or email (studio@soonertheatre.com) of the desired set-up of the Studio at least ten (10) days prior to the day of the Event. The set-up information required includes the number of guests, number of round tables, and number of chairs. Up to fifteen (15) round tables, and one hundred eighty (180) chairs are available for events. (Please note that all proposed table set-up arrangements are subject to approval by the Studio and compliance with occupancy, fire and life safety codes.)

Thirty (30) days prior to the Event, Lessee shall provide the contact information for all outside vendors (e.g., DJ, decorators), as well as the arrival times for all vendors that will be providing services in connection with or during the Event.

The Studio can accommodate up to one hundred (180) guests for a sit-down dinner using eighteen (18) 72" round tables with ten (10) chairs per table. The maximum indoor guest capacity for any event at The Studio is two hundred and fifty (250).

Catering Terms

Benvenuti's is the house caterer for The Studio of The Sooner Theatre. All food of any nature whatsoever and all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages must be provided by Benvenuti's for catered events. Catering and/or beverage service fees are subject to a separate agreement between Lessee and Benvenuti's.

When food is served at any Event, tablecloths (either cloth or plastic) must be used. Tablecloths can be furnished by Lessee. Linens are available for rental from the Studio for an additional fee of Thirty-five Dollars ($35.00) per table. A list of preapproved linen rental vendors is also available.

All serving dishes (e.g., paper plates, glassware, flatware, utensils), condiments and appliances (e.g., can opener, coffee urns) must be provided by Lessee or Benvenuti's.

Alcohol Terms

Benvenuti's is the exclusive Alcohol Beverage vendor for the Studio. Alcoholic beverage service must be supplied and served by Benvenuti's unless otherwise agreed upon. Service is subject to a separate agreement between Lessee and Benvenuti's. Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lessor from any liability derived from Lessee's use of the Studio.

Cleaning Terms

The cleaning of the Studio after the Event is an additional charge to the Rental Fee. However, the following must be completed prior to the Lessee leaving the building after the event.

(a) All trash must be bagged and taken to the dumpster immediately following the Event. The dumpster is located in the alley on the south side of the facility. Lessee or caterer must provide all 10 gallon trash bags necessary for event.

(b) To avoid damage to the wood flooring, Lessee and/or caterer will inspect the floors to make sure all liquid is removed from the floor at any time during the Event and at the conclusion of the Event.

(c) Any trash, bottles, cans, etc. left outdoors must be collected and placed in the dumpster by Lessee or Lessee’s caterer before leaving the Studio.

(d) The kitchen must be swept and mopped, all debris removed form sinks.

It is the responsibility of Lessee or caterer to make sure every item brought into the Studio is removed at the time of departure. Items left and not claimed on the day/night of the event may be disposed of at any time thereafter.

Decorating Terms

All decorations must be free standing. Fastening anything to the walls, doors, windows, etc. is prohibited. Easels can be brought in by Lessee or Lessee's decorator. The Studio can provide a list of preapproved event decorators/planners upon request.  Additional lighting must be preapproved by The Studio.

Candles can be used if they are accompanied by a holder that will catch the wax. All candle styles must be preapproved by Manager. All candles must be placed out of the reach of children and must be extinguished at the conclusion of the Event.

Rose petals may be used as decorations on the tables inside but are not allowed outside. Lessee should instead consider using bells or bubbles to send off newlyweds or other celebrants.

Helium balloons are allowed inside the Studio; however, any pieces of popped balloon must be removed from the building at the conclusion of the event.

Other Prohibited Items Inside Include:

(a) Confetti
(b) Confetti sprinkles on tables
(c) Crepe paper
(d) Glitter
(e) Sparklers
(f) Birdseed
(g) Rice
(h) Potpourri
(i) Silly String
(j) Other like materials

Ask Manager for approval if you are unsure about the use of any item.

Writing on the Studio mirrors is not allowed.

Due to safety concerns, nothing can be hung from the rafters by Lessee or Lessee's decorator.

Entertainment Terms

If Lessee hires a band, DJ or other entertainer to perform in the Studio, Lessee must inform such entertainment vendor that pyrotechnics, smoke machines, fog machines, bubble machines and the like are prohibited. If these items are brought onto the property, Lessee will incur a penalty to be taken out of the Damage Deposit. The Studio can also provide a list of preapproved entertainment vendors upon request.

To avoid damage to the doors of the building, all DJ/band/entertainer equipment must be brought in through the open double doors at the front of the building.

The Studio can also provide a list of preferred AV Equipment providers and sound/lighting engineers for those lessees who require such items.

Liability Insurance

In connection with Lessee’s use and/or occupancy of the FACILITIES, Lessee shall maintain insurance,  in full force and effect, during Lessee’s use and/or occupancy of the FACILITIES herein described.  Based upon an occurrence form through an admitted carrier in the State of Oklahoma in the amounts set forth below covering bodily injury and property damage liability including, but not limited to, premises and operations, product and completed operations, contractual, broad form property damage, independent contractors and personal injury coverages.  Lessee shall furnish Lessor prior to Lessee’s use and occupancy of the FACILITIES with a certificate of insurance naming Lessor, its officer, employees, and agents as additional insured; also providing that the insurance evidenced thereby will not be canceled prior to the expiration of this agreement or until Lessor shall have received written notice of such termination.  Said insurance shall provide not less than $1,000,000.00 for injuries or deaths or property damage in one accident and $1,000,000.00 aggregate during the policy year. 

Security Terms

For college-aged events, events where attendance is expected to exceed one hundred (100) guests and alcohol is to be served, events open to the public, or events where tickets are sold/admission is charged, preapproved security personnel may be required based on the discretion of event management. In the case where security is required, it must be provided at Lessee's expense. The number of security personnel required will be determined based on the number of guests/attendees expected at the event. This requirement can be discussed with Manager, or more information may be obtained by calling 405.321-9600 or at Studio@soonertheatre.com).