Theatre Rental Policies


These are regulations that must be followed for preservation and upkeep of the stage and technical areas.

1) Do not place masking tape or duct tape to mark the stage. You may only use gaff tape, masking tape, spike tape or glow tape. You or your organization must supply these items or they may be purchased thought the theatre. 

2) Please do not touch the electrical box located on the stage. Please do not enter the fly rail area unless properly trained. These areas are off limits to all renters unless accompanied by or checked through a Sooner Theatre employee. 

3) Please leave the premises as it was when you entered. This means that any props, tools, ladders, etc used or brought into the theatre must be taken from the theatre or returned to their correct spot. Return the sound and light consoles to the positions they were when you entered. This means un-patching and re-patching the soundboard and retuning the EQ’s to their positions. Please pick up and remove all trash from the building. Your $150 cleaning fee covers vacuuming, mopping, and bathrooms after your rental. If you have more than one performance on a day or in the course of your rental, it is your responsibility to clean the theatre in-between, unless you have hired a cleaning crew through The Sooner Theatre for an extra fee.

4) Do not place liquid items or food  near or on the light and soundboards. 

5) Please turn all electrical equipment that you use to the off position. This includes the Communication system, Light and Sound Boards, Dressing room Lights, and the Auditorium Lights. If you do not know how to turn something off, the theatre assistant will be able to help you. 

6) Please do not move any steps, sub-speakers, or guard rails that are located in the theatre. 

7) Please do not adjust the thermostats. Consult your theatre assistant if there is a temperature problem.

8) Please do not leave the west stage door, garage door, or upstage door propped open during a show. 

9) All promotional items that include The Sooner Theatre logo or location information must be approved by The Sooner Theatre Marketing Director before any promotional materials are dispersed. The Sooner Theatre is not responsible for marketing or promotion of rental events at the theatre and will not distribute information to our patrons, post information on our Web site or otherwise promote the event for the renter.

10) The hanging marquee on the front of the building is for advertising productions and events of The Sooner Theatre and its partners and affiliates. This marquee cannot be rented or acquired by individual renters of The Sooner Theatre.

11) If the use of the stage fly system is part of the rental needs you must have a certified rigger on hand to operate or supervise the light hang and focus. If a technical assistant is needed to perform a light hang and focus or perform any rigging or design concepts there will be an additional charge.

12) Nothing (including promotional items, merchandising items, posters, etc) may be attached to the wood or plaster walls of this theatre. If this occurs there will be a damage fee.

13) A basic stage wash and one microphone set to the on position are included in rental fees. IF YOU REQUIRE AUDIO changes (such as adding music, additional microphones, the ability to adjust mic levels during event) or LIGHTING changes (wanting different look and/or feel for different numbers in performance, needing color gels or any other effect lighting, etc.), YOU MUST SCHEDULE A PRODUCTION MEETING with theatre staff at least two weeks prior to your event and MAY BE REQUIRED to hire additional technical assistance approved by The Sooner Theatre.

Helpful Information:

Fire or Ambulance: 911
Other Emergencies: House/Office Manager 405-321-9600 x102.
Jennifer Baker, Executive Director 405-321-9600 x101

If a tornado siren sounds, keep the audience in the main part of the building, away from windows. If the size of your group permits (100 or fewer) move the audience to the dressing rooms beneath the stage.

A first aid kit is located in the box office in the main lobby. There is also a first aid kit located on the small table, backstage right. Ice is available from the freezer in the dressing room. The Sooner Theatre assumes neither responsibility nor liability for the administration of drugs or medical attention by non-qualified personnel.

Please DO NOT take items from the Sooner Theatre offices or desks. The offices are not included as a part of your rental spaces and are OFF LIMITS to all renters. The copy machine, computers, and printers are NOT for public use. If you are operating a box office for your show, please make arrangements for your own change, tickets, receipts and deposit envelopes.

The concession area is OFF LIMITS unless included in your rental. Please DO NOT remove anything from the concessions area.

Extra supplies (trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) are stored in the janitor closet at the southeast corner of the auditorium. Vacuums, brooms and mops are also located in this closet. We ask only you pick up after yourself, bag your trash and leave it in appropriate containers provided in the theatre, and take out what you brought into the theatre. We will not be responsible for items left in the building following your event. If you need to take trash out, the dumpster is located out the back of the theatre and down the alley to the right.

A representative from your organization/party should be in the theatre lobby at all times. Be sure all doors to the outside are securely closed before you leave. Security can be hired for your event. Contact The Sooner Theatre House/Office Manager, for assistance with hiring security at 405-321-9600 x102. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If you have any questions about the policies please reach out to our House/Ofice Manager at (405) 321-9600 x102. We look forward to working with you on your event.